Thursday, February 21, 2008

Forget The Gold Star - Give Me A Sharpie

Have I mentioned that my children are Sharpie-mad? Chaos would rather be caught without underwear on than be Sharpie-less. (I kid you not.) It's handy on a regular basis: they label (and often decorate) the freezer bags when we're processing groceries into the deep freeze, they whip Sharpies out when I've forgotten a pen, and where do you think I got the red and black ink for the zombie-fest? I do have to remind them that PERMANENT marker bleeding through onto the tabletops and counters is not a good idea. (A couple of scrubbing sessions with clorox and wood cleaner and the threat of a new table coming out of their pocket has almost solved that issue.) When we found a multi-pack of Sharpies for half price this week, we decided to take a page out of Bet's book of teacher tricks and dole them out as a reward. Last night we presented the first family Sharpie award to Mayhem who has managed to stay out of homework lunch, get his planner signed, AND take the trash and recycling to the curb three weeks running without complaining (justifiably!) that it should be someone else's turn already. He got to choose his favorite color from the pack. Each week (or whenever we remember to) we're going to award a Sharpie to the kid who shows the best attitude (or whatever we want to encourage that week.) I was all kinds of pleased with myself - until there was an impromptu game of "Sharpie Tag" in the kitchen last night. I'd have fussed more, but I'm pretty sure that Bet started it. I know she's the one who agitated to set up an organized game of it for next weekend. Clorox anyone?


St Ann said...

You guys are so brave. Granted, our Sharpie-holics are younger as a set, but we reserve Sharpies for the adult arts-and-crafts domain. The magic box of fine and ultra-fine Sharpies in a rainbow of colors only comes out for very special school projects. But they do love those mini-Sharpies on a key chain. Those come in awfully handy. Make sure you store the silver ones tip-down. Just sayin'.

Grant said...

Can you say "Sharpie Retractable"? Those have to be the coolest thing in the world.

Well, maybe not the coolest - personalize your sharpie!

Lilymane said...

The personalized sharpie is the bomb diggety. Guess what Santa is stuffing in stockings next year?!