Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tongue Tied

Bet and I got to have lunch together yesterday. Since she is a school teacher this is highly unusual. It only happened because the "all day" training off campus turned out to be only "some of the day." Most times for lunch, Bet has to try to get a few bites in between answering math questions (on days she doesn't have lunch duty) and (on days she does) keeping the craziness of the seventh graders in the cafeteria to a minimum. Not only did we have a chance to spend some unexpected time together, but we found a fantastic sandwich place. All organic, natural, handmade yumminess. I had bacon, gruyere, and cremini mushrooms grilled on sourdough toast. We played our favorite game and talked. It felt sinful and decadent to have such fun in the middle of the day. And that was apparent because when I was trying to say something about avoiding the "lunch rush", what I said instead was "runch lush." It made us laugh. Instead of being part of the lunch rush, we were indeed part of the runch lush. Isn't "lush" a fantastic word? Lush - rich, abundant. (Not sure what to do with the nonsensical word "runch." It's fun to say and makes me laugh - even without a real meaning.) I treasure times like yesterday - stolen moments, thoroughly enjoyed. I'm looking forward to our next runch lush. Peace.

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ddtlp said...

I wish we could have more.