Friday, November 23, 2007

Dog Lips

Guess what we got today? She's a seven-week old Redbone Hound. Tallulah Rockstar is her "working title" so far. Linus wants to call her Red Sonja. Bet is still deciding what her permanent name is going to be. I'm going to call her Tallulah for now. She is fiesty and independent, sweet and such a gorgeous color. We went to Rebel Red Kennels to meet her. I have nothing to compare the kennel to. Maybe all kennels/breeders are gracious, have beautiful land, provide run space for each dog, have cozy and clean dog houses and well-mannered, beautiful dogs. It seems unlikely - but maybe they are all as wonderful as Rebel Red Kennels. Tallulah came right out and played with us. She and her brother puppy Fred made a bee line for Wasabi - who we'd brought along to make sure he and the new pup would be compatible. I had been a bit worried that she might be afraid of such a bigger dog, but it was entirely the other way around. She had no fear and lunged for his beard. He jumped straight up in the air and cowered behind Linus' legs. They adjusted quickly but the first few moments were amusing. I think all the playing tuckered her out. She slept the three hours home!
She's a kissy little thing. Her face is all wrinkly. Her nose is velvety and she has the softest, flappiest little dog lips. Bet says dogs don't have "lips" but look at her! She has dog lips. And puppy breath. And a poochy little belly while the rest of her is bony. She bunny hops towards Wasabi to play. Her ears are so big and floppy that they dip in the water when she drinks from her bowl.
Then she has to toss her head and flippity-flap them dry. Looks like I might be a doggy blogger again for the next little while as we all adjust to being a multi-dog family! Peace.


St. Ann said...

Adorable. She makes me want to say "I'm a hound dawg!" just like Copper in The Fox and the Hound. :-)

titan said...

awww. such an adorable face! george flippity-flaps his ears because he gets ear-mites sometimes, and it is just cute to watch. she looks so soft and cuddly and just full of energy. and curious too!

Megs said...

Congratulations! Being a two dog household is a great adventure. I've loved every minute of it!

Dawn's Flame said...

OMG - she is the sweetest little thing ever! I love puppies. :) And I love & miss you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Deb R said...

Aaawwwwwww....She's beautiful!!!

StyleSwag said...

Oh my gosh, she is sooo cute! I love those ears.

My foofoo face is Tallulah also! What a coinky dinky. I am jealous of the Rockstar part. Tallulah Rockstar is such a great name!
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