Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who Wears The Skirt In This Family

Bet lost a bet and had to wear a skirt and heels to school. That may or may not seem like a big deal to you, but I assure you it was a BIG deal to her. They were having contests between the homeroom classes. Bet was sure her homeroom would win and force the other teacher (a die hard Tarheel) to wear Duke gear for the day. Alas, her kids let her down and she had to raid my closet. The reason this was photoworthy to me is that I've known Bet for 16 years and I'd never seen her in a skirt or dress before. It is not her thing. At all. To my knowledge, the only other time she's worn a skirt was to a beloved Div school professor's son's bar mitzvah at an Orthodox temple. Ten years ago. Since it might not (probably won't) happen again, I had to get a picture. And share. :D

Bet was a good sport. If she was uncomfortable, she didn't let it show. She modeled her "big girl shoes" for her colleagues who came by in flocks to peek into her classroom window. She fended off comments like, "But you look so good! You should wear skirts and heels more often," without growling. But I bet she'll never wager on her homeroom again.

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titan said...

i hate dressing up too - i only dress up when i absolutely *have* to, and my mom tried so hard. she had to literally hide my shoes when i went off to college because they had holes in them and didn't tie.