Monday, November 12, 2007

Snapshot Of A Divided Day

I have the blah's. I can think of good things this morning, but I'm having a hard time feeling them. I'm a little whiny and grateful at the same time. Does that ever happen to you?

The Titans, the Colts, the Dolphins AND the Redskins lost yesterday. It's been a LONG time since all of the NFL teams I like most lost on the same day. (Still a bad football day in November is waaaayyy better than a day without football in March.)

I'm sore all over and tired. (Bet and I ran 10 sets of 6 x 2's - which means we ran for a total of an hour and walked for 20 minutes. Without the ocean. Yay us! This week we're upping to 7 x 2's. I'm determined to get my short runs in this week so I don't die on the long run next Sunday.)

The kids are out of school again today which means the house will be loud and busy. Unlikely that I'll get much time for my writing projects today. (It's a fun change to get so much play time with them. I've gotten one on one time with them and had enough time for them to get together with friends.I love having long weekends with them - even if by the last day I'm worn out from it.)

Linus has to go out of town today. (I shouldn't complain since I got an extra day with him. Originally he was to leave yesterday.)

I'm craving rare steak and Snicker's bars. (I don't eat chocolate.) I want salted, mashed potatoes with a pool of melted butter in the center. I want Coca-Cola. Oh, goddess I want Coke. (I haven't had any in almost a year but I will never stop being addicted to it. I LOVE Coke!) I need something cheesy and hot, maybe with pepperoni on it, for breakfast. That or french fries. With cheese. PMS much?



TurtleHeart said...
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TurtleHeart said...

I'm right there with ya, I almost was insane last night over craving a nice, juicy, rare steak. (which I did not get-- had BBQ chicken wings instead, NOT a good substitute) And I'm still over a week away, so this must be pre-PMS...

(yeah, that was me that deleted a comment... I posted a sentence that made absolutely no sense)(probably from lack of red meat)

Lilymane said...

TH - Yeah - I can't eat BBQ wings (even though they smell yummy). Ripping what little meat there is off of the bone with all the tendony stuff there - nope, doesn't work for me. And certainly wouldn't satisfy my craving for a steak! On the other hand the broccoli and pretzels I ate yesterday weren't much help either. :( *I posted a picture on NaBlo of our holding the baby turtles just for you! Peace.