Sunday, November 04, 2007

Gundecking The Blog Post #1

*This post was backdated. I ported it in from NaBlo because I realized that I didn't know how available any of my posts on that site would be after November and I want to keep this one. Since I wrote it to "make up for" the two days I had absolutely no way to post. It makes sense to me to stick it here.*


My first SoulCollage card. I'm a tiny bit vague on the details of the "suits" as I didn't run right out and by the book and spend three weeks researching the exact "right" way to do it (=usual m.o.). I jumped in. (After all, I had cardstock, catalogs, scissors and rubber cement!) I think she'll end up being called "The Navigator" or maybe "The Pathtaker" and it seems like an internal voice card. I love cloaks and I loved that I found reversed colors and reversed directions - especially in purple and green. Purple is all about the spirit and green is a color of growth. (And aren't choices about growth even if they turn out to be "bad" or "wrong" choices?) I have one descending and one ascending - but there's not judgment of good/bad with that for me. Sometimes you have to go down/inwards and sometimes you have to go up/out. I included some fun navigational tools (compasses both old and modern) and some background paper of the inside of a geode. I'm not super skilled yet with the macro feature of my camera but I think it's not a bad photo.

It was fun to cut and paste (the old fashioned way) and end up with something tangible. Strangely it was a relief for me to use paper instead of fabric/fiber today. I thought a lot about making quilt artcards along SoulCollage lines and embellishing the heck out of them (because that's what I love to do) but this was simple and gratifying. Definitely primed the well. (And hey, I'm posting twice today to "make up for" the two days I didn't get to post when I was traveling and couldn't get connection. It doesn't "count" for anything other than for me but it feels symmetrical or like good blogging karma or something.) Peace.

PS - If you're reading this and you've made some art cards/SoulCollage cards/or quilted cards that aren't sort of at the top of your blog where I could find them in the 30 minutes I have left on my surfing allotment, would you send me a comment with a link? I'd love to see other people's take on this idea. Thanks!!

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Shiloh said...

Lily, love your card. It's awesome. I'm so glad you enjoyed making it. Since you still unsure of the suits, here's the link that describes them a bit:

And here's my link in case you missed it. I divided them into the different suits and under suits I made for me personally.

Maybe this'll help you understand them better...