Saturday, November 10, 2007

Serious Tool User

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I took a bunch of new photos today to post to NaBlo and they made a little slideshow for me. Isn't this cool? I'm going to make an actual Who's Who post with static pictures sometime soon. The 100 Things post is two years old and needs updating. I think a visual guide would be fun. So consider this a preview.

In other news:
The Bat Mitzvah was incredible. Anna has a beautiful voice. She's been studying and training one on one with a woman from her synagogue specifically for this day since she was in the third grade. Her Torah portion was exquisite. Her smile as she sang the last few bars was radiant. I could tell her mother was tickled pink. It was a wonderful service, very inclusive. The only hitch came when they processed the Torah and started on the side of the room that had no idea what to do. Even that was ok, though. The sanctuary (temple?) was architecturally stunning. Beautiful woods, the Ark made from gorgeous lapis tiles, soaring beamed ceiling with windows up high letting lots and lots of light in. It was spacious and intimate at the same time. What a beautiful place to worship. I love sacred spaces. The reception afterwards had yummy food and great conversations with other parents. It was a lovely experience.


amuirin said...

NaBloPoMo pretty much kinda rocks.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how different we all are. I read this entry and realize how differently I would have recorded it.

I would have never considered the "trappings" (rituals, architecture, "sacred spaces").

"Her smile", "radiant", "tickled pink".

These are the qualities that I would have written about. That make me joyous. That bring back my memories of Mitzvah's.


TurtleHeart said...

Sounds like the bat mitzvah was just lovely!