Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lilymane's Soapbox

The drive to school this morning was bad for my heart.
My son Mayhem (12 years old) has decided to join FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) - which is fine - except for the part where the FCA I remember from high school was a bunch of pious jocks who were complete jerks to everybody else. And now he's reading Left Behind - which is also fine - except for the part where I think it's the most ridiculous, poorly written piece of crap on the market in addition to my opinion of the mean and narrow theology underlying the series. I told him my opinion of both the FCA and Left Behind. I told him there was no one 'right' opinion - considering that our opinions are grounded in our experiences and our experiences are different from each other. I told him that it is important for him to know how I feel and what I think but I made sure he heard me say that it is equally important for me to know how he feels and what he thinks. He absolutely does not have to have the same opinions or feelings as I do - and he doesn't have to defend or argue them with me. He gets to tell me and I won't try to sway him or change his mind about any of it. I just love him. In toto. I want to know what he's doing, experiencing, thinking, etc. Then I told him I loved him again. (But bleck. Left Behind? I hate that fear mongering dreck. <---I didn't say that part again. Once was enough - but wow I couldn't stop ranting about it in my head. Ick, icky, nasty, yucky - I don't want my kids getting sucked in with people who are so mean and exclusive!)

On the way home from dropping the greebles off at school - I listened to the news. (Speaking of dreck...) The president responded to this situation by saying someone is trying to confuse the American people about the nature of the enemy (and he wasn't speaking about himself!) Gee, a report that says not only are we NOT safer since we manufactured a war and began terrorizing Iraq - but that we've created a whole new crop of terrorists in doing so? Strikes me about the same way as the multimillion dollar study did which concluded that mothers of young children are chronically sleep deprived. YOU THINK???

That said...I do have to add that I have serious issues with intelligence being leaked to the media. Support the troops my ass! People who leak intelligence are endangering the troops! It infuriates me to think of our intelligence assets being hung to dry by cretin journalists/politicos. The intelligence oversight committee (and other checks and balances) need to do their jobs - and maybe we need to look at how that part of the process works - but the solution is NOT declassifying a document that compromises our folks over there - no matter whether you think they should be there or not. I happen to think they shouldn't be there and that our troops should never have been there, but the stunts people pull with intel back here in the States is tantamount to friendly fire. When it doesn't outright kill our troops, it makes their job harder and riskier. WHY WOULD WE DO THAT? WHY WOULD WE SHOOT OUR OWN PEOPLE?

If Bush and all the other Christo-fascists would go away (like to Mars) I would be a happier camper. Just saying.
Peace. Peace. PEACE! Do you hear that universe?! Lilymane wants PEACE. (Is that too much to ask for?)

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