Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Week - A New Focus

Last week? Not so much fun.

I was a total stress ball. There were days when I sat down to blog and everything I could think of to blog about was negative: grouchy, grumpy, sad, no fun. Not that I want my blog to be all fakey fakey, everything is rosy but I don't want to wallow in a week that (besides the anniversary of 9/11) included a death in my family and an ex who was ridiculously icky (day after day after day and who, oh!, sent a sheriff's deputy to my door with a court summons just to make sure the fun and games continue). I certainly don't want to dwell on the undeniable fact that all was not right in football land yesterday. (Yay for my Colts - but the Redskins really, really, really let me down by forgetting to show up to the game in Dallas. DALLAS! I fucking HATE the Cowboys. Cartwritght with his 100 yard kick return is the only Redskin to escape my wrath. And the Titans? Apparently 'we're rebuilding' is a code phrase for 'we suck rocks'. )

But enough of last week. This week I'm concentrating on fun stuff.
Er - ok, so maybe it's more like weird, freaky stuff.

Like...what to say about the gummi bra and gummi thong the troll boys brought to game yesterday? Who knew there was a market for gummi underwear? (The package said 'single use item'. You think?)

And epsom salts. It's crazy what you can learn when you read packages. Epsom salts are marketed as a first aid product, a gentle laxative, and a gardening supply. What, no julienne fries? It's an odd trifecta to say the least.

And middle school students. I helped VBGF grade math quizzes this weekend. Who knew math quizzes could make you laugh out loud? Seventh graders are an ODD bunch of folks. One boy added comments to his quiz: the answer was 'v+8' and he wrote a little aside with an arrow "V8 is yummy!" Then there was the section where the kids had to name the property being demonstrated. The correct answers were associative of addition, commutative of multiplication, additive identity, and transitive. Some of the answers that were written on the quizzes (I kid you not): "Ass. of Add.", "communicative multifraction", "addictive identity", and "translative". The 'addictive identity' property is my favorite. It is AMAZING how much middle schoolers push limits. The 'ass of add' smart aleck (who turned out to be an ESL kid) got a little note saying to "please use 'assoc' as the correct abbreviation". The kid who tried to get away with "AOA", "COM", "AI", and "T" got a bunch of little red x's and zero points.

And football. Steelers vs. the Jags tonight. (This item rightfully belongs in the 'fun stuff' category, not the 'weird, freaky stuff' category. I do think it'll be a good game, but there's not much that's very weird about it - unless you count Troy Palomalu's hair.) Go Steelers!!


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