Thursday, September 14, 2006

Teachable Moments And Football

Havoc and I were reading my NFL football magazine when we came across an add for poker (a website? a tv show? I couldn't tell.) It was a picture of a woman's cleavage and a pair of melons. Nice, eh? Havoc says, "I don't get it." I say, "It's an add for poker. Two pair." (Sidenote: My ex (Mr. Tapioca Head) taught Havoc and his brothers to play poker years ago.) Havoc says, "I still don't get it mom. What's the second pair?" I say, "Boobs." "Boobs? That doesn't make sense. Why not watermelons or at least fruit? A pair of BOOBS? To go with a pair of cantaloupes?" he is aghast. I tell him that if he is going to watch football or read football magazines then he's going to have to get used to seeing boobs even when it doesn't make sense. "Why?" "Well, grown men like boobs so advertisers use boobs to sell things like beer and trucks. If you look on the sidelines you'll notice that the cheerleaders aren't actually leading any cheers for the team. They're dancing around in outfits that show off their legs and boobs. It sells the game." "OH!" he says. "Like the way commercials during kid shows are either for toys or sugar or more tv, football has beer and trucks and boobs?" "Yes," I say, "exactly like that." He puts him thumb back in his mouth and thinks for a minute. "Mom. I don't really like trucks or beer or boobs yet. But I still like watching football with you. Is that ok?" "Yes, pumpkin. It's more than ok. It's exactly right."

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