Monday, September 25, 2006

Toynbee Tiles

Hey! Last week (Friday?) I heard half of a commercial for an upcoming (weekend edition) NPR story about Toynbee tiles - and then - we saw one in Philadelphia! We were so bent on navigating traffic (oooh - Philly drivers curse and honk at pedestrians!) and looking for cheesesteaks that it actually didn't register until about a half a block later. I just stepped up onto the curb and went on - but somewhere inside my brain something clicked. "Hey, did you hear that blurb about the Toynbee tiles on NPR?" I asked VBGF. "WHAT are you talking about?" she said. I did a totally half-assed job of explaining (since I hadn't listened all that well to a commercial for a story I knew I wasn't going to be able to listen to since I'd be in Philadephia - and they didn't say anything about Philly in the promo!). I muttered Stanley Kubrick, Jupiter, mysterious tiles - and "I think that cracked mosaic thing back there was one of them." "OK." she said. Now I wish I'd made a bigger deal and gone back to actually look at the darn thing. But still...I saw one. Me, pop culture, timely intersection! Fun!
Peace (and Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter)

**Also - I think "Toynbee" would be a great dog name! Apparently, in my next life I plan to come back as a dog breeder because my list of dog names is waaaay too long for someone who can't get another dog for 13+ years!

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