Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Plan B

Something I forgot to mention about my weekend:

Travel plans (in the form of a girlfriend getaway - me, Nurse Nice, and VBGF heading to Charlotte, NC to meet up with some of NN’s friends) were totally sunk by last week’s stress fest. So…Plan B!

We went to get NN’s nipple pierced by the world’s cutest piercer! And ran into a bunch of (<--by 'bunch of', I mean 52) drunk, nudist bikers who were also getting nipples pierced – and who were (sadly) ahead of us in line and who (also sadly) had camera phones and were not afraid to use them! They did have clothes on for the occasion – er, well, if you use the term ‘clothes’ loosely, as several of the ladies were wearing see-through blouses and apparently nudists just say no to bras – but hey! Some clothes are better than no clothes! Especially when it comes to bikers over forty with very few teeth! Just saying. There was one sober designated driver in the herd (I know you were worried about that) and I’m pretty sure he must have been driving a tour bus, because forget the Harleys, a full-sized van wouldn’t have worked. These folks were…zaftig! (<--Thanks DebR for the great word!) But nice. A nicer bunch of nudist bikers, you’ve never met.

I'm thinking of marketing myself as an 'alternative travel agent'.
Weekend plans fall through? Don't worry! Just call Lilymane's Plan B Excursions! 1-800-WHOA-WTF! (Nudist biker encounter free to first 100 callers!)

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Deb R said...

OMG, now that's a day to remember! LOL!

I love the dog and acorn pic below too. One of my dogs chews on acorns and I've always thought that was very odd of her!