Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bubonic Mnemonic

Sounds like....SICK
Looks like...ICK

Guess how many of my middle schoolers were in school today?
Guess how many of my elementary schoolers had to be picked up in the middle of the day for throwing up at school?
Guess how many healthy children that leaves me?
(One, I hope! That's the answer I'm going with until I get a THIRD call today.)

I'm thinking about stocking up on some (more) Lysol and also about buying some stock IN Lysol. 'Cause seriously? I think I'm keeping the ole Lysol Corp. in business single-handedly this week. I've done everything except hose the actual children off. (That's not allowed, right? Not even a light dusting, right?)


1 comment:

Caitlin said...

whaddaya mean you're not allowed to hose them off? Seriously? Dang!!!

(Confession: I once vacuumed the cat...)