Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shake It Off (aka More Studio Pix)

In order to distract myself from my earlier abject humiliation, I'm going to show you the new things I've done to my studio.
Remember this?
The desk was so not working for me. Now, it looks like this:

I still have to build a cutting table and sewing surface like DebR's (to go to the left and sort of around the corner into open space you can't quite see in this picture). I won't keep my fabric stash in the baskets. It'll just be on the open shelves. I like to SEE my fabric. It is so sad to have all my lovely fabrics in boxes in the dark at this moment. The baskets, though, are going to be great for yarn. (I mean, I like to see yarn too, but honestly? The knit shop wore me out. I could use a break from having to look at yarn for a while.) The baskets will also be great for stuff like knitting needles, looseleaf patterns, spray adhesives, scissors and specialty quilting rulers. And unsightly UFO's. (Not that I have any of those. Ha!) The white fan is already in place. (Thank you Sweet Hubby!) Today I was lying on my floor daydreaming a bit thinking about how much fun it would be to learn how to do some beading and to make a clunky, chunky, jeweled fan pull for it. (But my brain, which is in charge of the checkbook, said, "STOP NOW - NO NEW HOBBIES ALLOWED!") And I really will someday soon figure out how to replace those old, icky, painted green plugs for shiny, new, white, grounded plugs - with cover plates, even!
Oh, and this is not where my computer is going to be permanently. It's just that I can't cope with another three week black hole of no computer access so I stuck it on the fabric shelf for now. I have another white shelf exactly like the one above that I'm going to put over here for my computer:

This corner is going to be my writing space. There is a closet on the back side of the wall and Sweet Hubby is going to put all the unlovely, but necessary stuff like wireless routers and printers and the computer box itself in the closet and feed just the cables through the wall. I don't print a lot. It won't be a big deal to walk out into the hall to pull stuff off the printer. I think it well worth it to have such a tidy little corner!

I tried to take a picture of my view into the courtyard but the light is so bright outside that it made the room look pitch black (and we've already talked about what a whiz I am with mechanical things so need I 'splain you that I don't know how to adjust the light meter on my digital camera to take all that into account?) Here it is anyway to give you an idea:

Same corner, same time of day. Wow, that ivy needs to be trimmed. Ahem. Also, the arbor has wisteria all over it and right outside the courtyard wall is a huge magnolia tree. When I open my window in the spring I think it's going to smell heavenly! (Errr, except that the dog's favorite poop spot is right under my screen. Can't think about that now!) Thus ends the latest round of "Show Me Your Studio and I'll Show You Mine" but ummm, I went first. And I don't get tired of playing. So show me more!! I LOVE to see the spaces people create to create in.


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