Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Too Stupid To Live

Yep. That's me. I have an acute case of TSTL syndrome.
I'm not talking about embarassing myself in front of strangers, either.
(If only!) No, if this post were about that it would be titled "Everything's Normal Around Here". This is worse. Way worse.
You wanna guess what I just did?
Ever hit the 'reply' button when you thought you'd hit the 'forward' button? Don't you just hate email (or yourself) when you do that?
You wanna guess who I just sent an email to by mistake?
Go on. (Hint: It's not my boss - but that would be a good guess if I had a boss - ESPECIALLY if I had a boss that I routinely (and in email print) wished would permanently relocate to Mars.)
No. Today - instead of forwarding an email (with my added comments) on to my husband, I sent said email (with my added comments) back to my ex-husband. The ex-husband who is making my life (and my children's lives) miserable with a court case to take custody of one of our three children together away from me. The exchange went something like this. I sent:

"Honey, this is the email thread from (insert name of ex-husband here). Well – actually he sent me like six different emails today and I kind of combined them. Just thought you might want to keep up to date with what’s making my stomach hurt today. Love, Lilymane"

I got back:
"I suspect you wanted to send this to your husband, not me.
Sorry to hear about your stomach. I hope it gets better soon."

Do you like the part where he hopes my stomach feels better soon?? Oh, how humiliating! NOT ONLY did I prove that I should have my license to drive a keyboard revoked, but I let him know how much his crap still affects me! If only wailing and whining about it after the fact could make me feel any better. I suppose someone up above is watching out for me though. I think this is the only email I've sent about him in five years that didn't contain the word 'dickhead'.
Small favors and all that.

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