Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Paragon of Motherhood

This from St. Ann (since the Lilymania Locals are not yet back up to snuff) -
A license plate on a shiny, new SUV in the city traffic says "MODLMOM". Cindy Crawford? Brooke Shields? St. Ann pulls up alongside. No, clearly this mom has never been on the runway or in Glamour magazine. Perhaps her license plate indicates that this mother thinks that we should all drive oversized, gas-guzzling vehicles to run errands while talking on our cell phones and ignoring, I mean entertaining, our two children in the back with the pull-down dvd player? The only thing more grotesquely American that I can think of to add to this scenario would be if this car had been in a fast food drive-thru lane!

I never claimed that what I do to the best of my ability as a mom is what other mothers should do, so I'm not exactly casting stones here. I'm merely picking up the ones that were thrown my direction and hurling them back from whence they came. (Gosh I wish I could ding her paint job from here!)

Peace (well to everyone except that righeous bitch "MODLMOM" in Philly traffic - to her I'm not feeling so charitable.)

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