Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dinner With a Thirteen-Year Old

Just when I want to pinch his head off

  • *for talking back to me when I ask him to leave his mp3 player in the car
  • *for glaring at me when I ask him to stop reading his book at the table during family time
  • *for thinking I'm unreasonable that I make him stop stabbing his food with a mangled paper clip


  • *says a genuine and unprompted thank you for dinner
  • *gives me a hug
  • *rushes ahead of all of us to open the door for a man with a cane

Roller coasters ain't got nuthin' on us!!!


1 comment:

Jeff D. said...

That was awesome. At times I loathe kids; needless to say, I have none of my own. But that momentarily made me want to procreate. Roller coasters are predictable, you guys are anything but...continued peace & grace~