Friday, April 07, 2006

8 Miles

NOT to be confused with 8 Mile. I can promise you there won't even be any Eminem on my MP3 player tomorrow when I try to run 8 miles. EIGHT. MILES. In a row. Without anything but me, my cute running shoes and socks, and my Eminem-less MP3 player to power me along. Unless you count VBGF who will be running beside (and probably in front) of me. She might come in handy in case I need her to drag me along or point me out to the ambulance crew.
There are days when I think, "What on earth is up with this running thing anyway?!"
And then remember how much I want to do this. Sigh. Ok 8 miles, ready or not, here I come.
(If I don't post tomorrow, you should guess that there are not dataports in every room in the hospital, no matter what their brochure says.)

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