Sunday, April 16, 2006

What Is Up With Easter Bunny Scarecrows?

There are two of these tall, skinny, painted, made-of-straw Easter Lawn Bunnies in my neighborhood. Are the people who put them there trying to scare something (or someone, like me) away? I am not big on lawn decorations to begin with (<--understatement of the century) - but I seriously hate these skinny, strawy, scary bunnies. Second place winner in the "why oh why, someone please tell me why you would put these in your yard" category are the GIGANTIC, plastic, colored eggs that look like what stegosaurus turds would have looked like if dinosaurs could have pooped in technicolor. Do I even need to mention that the people who have these most horrid of decorations are the VERY people who are convinced that there was a 'War on Christmas'? These are the uberChristians who routinely amaze me with their narrowness and obliviousness. Has no one EVER explained to these folks that the bunnies and the eggs are all PAGAN pre-Christian symbols of spring, regeneration, and fertility? I'm all for celebrating those things myself - but I happen to know that those folks aren't. I like the redemption and resurrection parts of Easter too. I can't really find anything I don't like about Easter - except the lawn bunnies and dinosaur droppings! Gah. I guess I'll go explode some Peeps in the microwave to get my frustrations out.
Oh, hey - I don't have a microwave, or um... any Peeps. I think I'll take myself to the movies instead!

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