Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dangerous Things To Do In San Fran

  1. Believe the hotels that say they have a dataport in every room. (Hah!)
  2. Stay in a hotel next door to this. (Almost makes up for the lack of dataport.)
  3. Allot less than an hour here. (Really I think I almost had a stroke trying to decide what I absolutely couldn't have. I wanted EVERYTHING!!!! An hour is NOT enough time to decide which Angelina fibers you can live without.) *Ok so it's technically NOT San Fran - being on the Monterey Peninsula two hours south of the city and all - but still you were warned. Give yourself more than a fly by in this shop!!!
  4. Look up at this too long. It is ridiculously easy to fall in love with a tree.
  5. Order a margarita from the Orbit Room if you happen to be allergic to blood oranges, mint, hibiscus, or cranberry! Or if you have any time limits at all. I'm telling you, a margarita from this place is a thing of beauty but a girl could die of thirst while the prissy boy bartender makes the drink just so!! (For a more traditional (and much faster!) marg, try Harvey's!)
  6. Rent a really hot Mustang for the week without having a budget for speeding tickets.
  7. Eat at 'We Be Sushi - Just Like Mom Used To Make'. (It's the only dangerous thing on this list that I did not personally do. Perhaps they are the best sushi joint in the whole town. It's quite possible. I just wasn't brave enough to find out! (Also? It was 7 am when we got lost and saw that sign. My bravery may be time sensitive.)
  8. See V for Vendetta on a Saturday night in the heart of the city and then go to an amazing, pulsing club, get no sleep, fly home through storms, storms, and more storms, and forget (in the turbulence) that Dramamine and beer are probably not so good together!

I'm finally awake. I had a FABULOUS time. I faced my demons in Monterey (and will likely have a quilt to show for it.) I ran along Asilomar Beach (1 hour 12 min and 37 seconds!!) I wandered the Castro with my very best girlfriend. I ate Lobster Bisque at Fisherman's Wharf. I lost my mind in art (color, fabric, ink, fiber!!!) shops. I reconnected with folks I hadn't seen in years and years. All in all, it was a successful, powerful, and transformative pilgrimage.


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Deb R said...

I can't decide if the Orbit Room margarita sounds interesting or grotesque.

It sounds like a fun week!