Friday, April 21, 2006

My Life As Rendered By Ionesco Et Al

Absurd. I tell you my life is absurd. I'm practicing my line "Well, of all things!" And I'm taking bets on who shows up first, a Rhinoceros or Godot.

My ex has 'fired' his attorney and 'is dropping' the custody case. And by 'fired' I'm pretty sure he means 'refused to pay' and 'is dropping' is clearly a code phrase for 'isn't pursuing until January 2007'. (I predicted this might happen.) What my ex fails to understand (because he has this for brains) is that legal matters do not work that way. I don't actually know how they work - or even that they do work - but I do know that things are not progressing the way my ex assumes they should.

Here is the email I just got from my lawyer:
"You need to tell your ex to call his attorney as he is still his attorney of record!" because this is the email that she got from my ex's attorney:
"I cannot get my client to respond. Please have your client tell my client to call me. "

I am paying thousands of dollars to be in third grade again?!!!! I have now read this email about 20 times and my reaction is still, "You've got to be kidding me." I am supposed to call my ex and pass on the message that he needs to call his lawyer so his lawyer will know what to say to my lawyer who is waiting for answers to the counter petitions to my ex's original (and ridiculously false) petitions whose only purpose is to take my children away from me?!
I fantasize about writing back and saying "I'm not gonna," or "He started it."

I suppose that what I'll really do, though, is call and leave him a message to call his attorney. I'm such a lemming.

Oh, look! A rhinoceros. Well, of all things!

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Deb R said...

I think you should send an email to your attorney saying "NO! He hit me back first! And he has cooties!"

I'm just sayin'...