Monday, April 10, 2006

Drive By Blogging

Today's post is barely a post.
I have so much to say and so much need to say it - but I can't. I can't unpack last week. I can't put it all neatly on the blogging table. Not yet. I will when I can.

When I can - I'm going to rant about the label 'gifted' and the dysfunctional process of acquiring that label for your child.
When I can - I'm going to wail about what it feels like when the school calls to say your child has just earned 3 days of Out of School Suspension.
When I can - I'm going cope with what it was like to be with my children 'locked down' in the school hallways, cowering under gym mats while tornados ripped through our community.
When I can, I'm going to figure out how to answer my children's questions about the tornados that savaged their old school, shredded new brick homes, and killed more than a dozen people in subdivisions not far away.
Today? Today I can't process any of it. I can't do more than this quick blogging pass, even though I have electricity and the cable connection back a week earlier than 'they' thought it would be restored. Today all I can do is take my kids (and three or four of their friends whose parents had to work though the county schools are closed) outside to garden, scooter, play with the dog, and revel in this gorgeous day. Today we're trying to remind ourselves that Mother Nature is good (most of the time). Today we're being grateful to be here to enjoy the day together.

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Caitlin said...

YIKES!!! Well, sending you peace and good thoughts for today .. and the next day.. and the next. The weather has gone COMPLETELY whacky all over the world!