Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's Raining Again

My kids are freaking out. So is the dog. They are all hovering near the bathroom, just in case they should need to jump in the tub and pull the mattress over them again.
There are no tornados. I promise. I've showed them the news. They believe me (sorta but not really), but they still want to be close to the tub, just in case. There are no tornados. There is thunder. And lightning. And even some hail. But no tornados.
"Mom! The air is GREEN! I'm going to play cards in the bathroom on the floor, ok?"
"Honey the air is green because it's morning and it's dark and we have green stuff everywhere - see the trees and the ivy and the wisteria? The light is filtering through the clouds and then through all of that. It's a different green than the tornado green."
"You want to play cards with us? We'll let you go first. Hey, Wasabi's taking up all the room in the tub!"
I've told them I'm so confident that this storm is nothing to worry about that I've left all the computers and the tv plugged in - and on - so they can check the weather. See, I'm even blogging?
"Hey mom, we're going to let Havoc go first, ok?
I better go give them some extra love. How many hugs do you think it will take to erase the fear of tornados? I better get started.

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