Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wasabi and the Bandit

Rachel-across-the-street (friend to the Ninja Princessa) has a new dog* named 'Bandit'. Fluffy and silent, that's his motto. He looks fierce doesn't he? He fell into Wasabi's water bowl and couldn't get back out. Had to be rescued by two ten year old girls - that's how fierce and tough he is. Wasabi looks a little worried about Mr. Cuteness moving in on his territory, doesn't he?
Have no fear, Wasabi-Wan, we wouldn't trade you for the world - even if you are a Bounce-snorting fiend.
*I assume he's a dog. He's awfully small to be a dog though. And quiet. I haven't heard him make a peep. Perhaps he's a squirrel.

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