Thursday, April 20, 2006

In Which Lilymane Is Almost Struck By Lightning

Guess what?
It only LOOKED like it was done raining.
Ha ha. The lightning and thunder and rain were lurking. Just waiting for me to even THINK about running. In fact, when I came back in I had to turn off and unplug my computer, there was that much lightning. You know how I said the kids were freaked out this morning? And the dog? Well you can just add Lilymane to the list of Those Officially Freaked Out!
Guess what else?
I need to take a shower. I'm a mess. But I'm a little worried that the lightning is still lurking. I plugged my computer in to test things out a bit.

Haven't been hit by lightning yet. Ha. Sissy lightning. Too chicken to come in the house after me, eh? You're only big, bad Lightning when I'm outside being blown all around by your buddy Wind. Is that it?

(Shhh. Do you hear any thunder? Does it sound close? I think maybe they're truly gone this time. Or at least further out than lurking range. Do you think they could come back before I could shower? I can rinse off really, really fast. That would be pretty safe, wouldn't it? Keep your fingers crossed, ok? )


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